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Poverty, underdevelopment and unemployment are major social problems in our school's community. As a primary school leader Mrs Huysamen commits herself to the holistic development of the learners and people in our school community. Her aim is to ensure that Oudtshoorn-North Primary School is a community school where a strong sense of ownership and pride in the school is created. .

Oudtshoorn-North Primary School's ECO School consists of three parts:

For children going through a difficult transition such as a divorce, abuse or the terminal illness and death of a parent, companion animals offer an anchor of unconditional love, comfort, and emotional support. Animal therapy also improves hyperactive behaviour, it has a positive effect on children with learning difficulties, it improves concentration and sensorial integration. To help with the housing of the animals, we provide work opportunity to unemployed people. Children are involved with the caretaking and feeding of the animals. A timetable is set to ensure that learners realize the responsibility they have towards taking care of the animals. Having to take care of these different kinds of small stock, is an excellent way to make our learners not only more responsible, but also empathetic to the needs of others.

These vegetable gardens give the learners the opportunity to explore all parts of the growing process as well as supporting families in need. Mrs. Huysamen also initiated the development of the olive orchard and due to support of businessmen, farmers and Klein Karoo members the first olive crop could be harvested by learners this year. This project can improve the financial income of the school funds in future.

There are two outdoor classrooms on our school property. Integrating learning and outdoor experiences provide relevance and depth to the curriculum. This makes learning an enjoyable and practical experience and challenges children to think wider than the four walls of their classroom.

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