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The Swartberg Conservation Project

In close association with CapeNature the H.O.P.E Foundation will focus its initial conservation initiatives on the enhancement of public conservation awareness within the Swartberg Nature reserve as well as the maintenance and upgrading of current facilities. Sponsorships and funding are desperately needed for these projects.

The following projects will receive immediate attention ensuring that visitors to the Swartberg Reserve can enjoy the full benefit of this unique World Heritage Site:

Swartberg Pass Maintenance Project – This project will assist local authorities to clean and maintain the Swartberg Pass.

Mountain Hut and Hiking Trail Maintenance – This project will focus on the proper maintenance of existing hiking trails within the Swartberg Reserve as well as the maintenance of the “Botha’s Hoek” and overnight Huts.

Establishment of Picnic Sites – Day visitors to the Swartberg Pass have voiced the need for picnic sites on the Swartberg Pass. Two picnic sites are envisaged for this purpose; one at the “Ou Tol” building and another at the site where the historical pine plantation, close to the “Ou Tol” used to be.

All Future conservation initiatives will be scoped and prioritized in consultation with CapeNature.

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