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The "Ou Tol" Project

The iconic “Ou Tol” buildings on the Swartberg Pass serves as the base camp from which the H.O.P.E Foundation will coördinate its conservation initiatives. The first phase of the project is to convert the main building into an conservation information centre with a “berg kombuys” ( mountain kitchen) that will serve refreshments and light meals to visitors.

Through a joint venture with CapeNature Conservation, the H.O.P.E Foundation will focus its conservation initiatives on projects within the Swartberg Nature Reserve. Having being awarded a 10 year concession to manage the “Ou Tol” buildings (located on the Swartberg Pass) the H.O.P.E Foundation is eager to commence its conservation programme to ensure that this World Heritage Site is enjoyed and appreciated by our current generation and preserved for future generations.

We think that the beauty of the nature reserve is uniquely moving. Of course, our remote location means we are a bit difficult to reach for those who want to fly in using the cheapest airline tickets, but for those willing to make an extra bit of effort, Swartberg possesses undeniable qualities that should be preserved.

The purpose for converting the iconic “Ou Tol’ building into a “Conservation Information Centre” is to offer passersby the opportunity to interact with regional guides and learn more about the uniqueness of the Swartberg Reserve as recognised “World Heritage Site”.

From the "Ou Tol" we will also offer various eco guided excursions. These will include guided hikes on the prestine Swartberg Hiking Trails, as well as guided tours to the world renowned Gamkaskloof (also known as "The Hell").

We also plan on opening a “Berg Kombuys” ( Mountain kitchen) from which refreshments and light meals will be served. Sponsorship and funding is required for the renovation of this unique facility as well as covering the monthly operating cost of the “Conservation Information Centre”.

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